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We are committed to bringing better recovery services to the La Grande area.

The drug epidemic is a grave issue that claims the lives of over 100,000 Americans annually from overdoses alone. Union County is not exempt from this problem, sometimes with multiple overdoses occurring in the area daily. The most effective way to combat this issue is by providing those struggling with addiction a fair chance to recover and removing customers from the market. Cleaning up the streets and helping addicts reintegrate into society as responsible and productive members of the community is essential. The first step is to prioritize the human beings affected by addiction by providing them with a place to receive the help they need to take responsibility for their lives, make their loved ones proud, and contribute to the betterment of the entire community.

Drug overdoses continue to be a major issue in Union County, Oregon, with devastating effects on individuals, families, and the community as a whole. According to the Oregon Health Authority, there were 13 drug overdose deaths in Union County in 2022, a 44% increase from the previous year. These deaths are not just numbers, but represent real people with families and loved ones who are left to grieve their loss. The impact of drug overdoses extends beyond the individual and their loved ones, as it also places a burden on healthcare systems and law enforcement agencies. The community as a whole is affected by the loss of valuable members and the negative stigma associated with drug use. It is important for individuals, families, and the community to come together to address the issue of drug addiction and work towards prevention and treatment options.

While the issue of drug overdoses remains a challenge in Union County, Oregon, there are also positive efforts being made to address the problem. The Oregon Health Authority reports that in 2022, 134 individuals in Union County benefited from outpatient drug treatment services, 17 individuals recovered in drug court, and 23 individuals completed community service as part of their drug treatment program. These efforts are important steps towards helping individuals overcome addiction and reducing the negative impact of drug use on the community. However, there is still a need for additional resources, such as a detox center, to provide more comprehensive care for those struggling with addiction. A detox center would offer a safe and supportive environment for individuals to undergo the initial stages of withdrawal and receive medical care and counseling. This would not only benefit those seeking treatment but also alleviate some of the burden on healthcare systems and law enforcement agencies, ultimately leading to a healthier and safer community.

Who are we?

Tara Beckham

She has a dream to help provide much-needed services to community members through organizing community service workers. She is a fundraiser who believes that when we work for donations by doing actual work for actual citizens we can come together and pool these donations for start up money for the detox center.

Eli Cohen

Our lead web designer, he is a recovering addict telling the often-overlooked story of severe marijuana addiction. He is always ready to help another still-suffering addict who is ready to recover. He sees the urgent need in the La Grande area for a detox center.